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M.Tho Arts


I'm currently a freelance 2D & 3D games artist honored to bring new ideas to life every day. I enjoy collaborating with other artists and designers to create games that are not only visually interesting, but fresh, exciting, and most of all, fun to play.

Exploring Wisdom’s environment through asset designs.

I’m glad you find it interesting! Atius is a game project that combines Dark Souls inspired gameplay with a narrative based (loosely) in Native American mythology, specifically the stories of the Pawnee. The game also subscribes to the concept of the hidden magical places found in Celtic folklore. Each of the areas in the game will have a unique feel to it based on who lives there, and Wisdom and her “dungeon” area are both inspired by the kandra in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series.

Wisdom is one of the gods in the game’s mythos; she and her fellow gods trapped themselves on an island when their in-fighting interrupted the important sacrificial ritual performed there. The player takes charge of the human sacrifice reincarnate, and gets sent to the island to decide their own fate (and the fate of the gods in the process).

We are currently a small team working on getting a proof of concept demo together - the boss battle against Wisdom and the preceding “dungeon.”